Now is the time to grow ~ Cutting into ISO time

May 21, 2020

It’s not hard to tell if you look at our social media that we love the colour green and adding as many plants as we can into our interior styling.

Why…Because it’s a known fact plants make people happy, connect us to nature and really make a house feel like a home.

Our love definitely came from our parents, who spent every minute they could in the garden.

Over the past few months, like many, we have been hanging out at home and taking in the slow living vibe. We love the fact it’s given us more time to hangout with our beloved plants, but it’s also made us realise now is the perfect time to take some cuttings and do some of our own propagating.

We don’t pretend to be plant guru’s and have no formal qualifications, it’s been trial and error (even for us) learning about plants and what they like and don’t like.

So thats why we think taking cuttings from fool proof plants are the go, but decided to take this project a little further. If you know us well, you know when we do a project, we are always thinking about aesthetics, so we decided instead of just using any vessel to do our propagating, we would look around home and the studio to find ones that were a little arty and different.

Two types of plants we normally take cuttings from are Aroid and Succulents.

Aroid plants are the easiest and can be propagated in water. These plants originate from an ancestor that lived in swamps, so being able to adapt to flooding conditions and still being able to grow was their key to survival. Common Aroid plants are Pothos (devils ivy), Philodendron’s, Alocasia’s, Monstera’s and ZZ Plants. 

If using a Pothos or Philodendron, look right below the leaf or stem/vine juncture for a tiny brown root node. These tiny bumps are vital to a successful propagation. You’ll want to snip off a couple inches of healthy stem right before a node and include a node or two with the cutting, as this is where the new growth will come from. Take off any leaves that may end up in water when you put into a vessel. Change water every few days and don’t put in direct or super low light.

When the root is aprox 1 inch long place into fresh potting mix.

Succulents are also super easy. Just snip a stem and gently remove the leaves. Let the cuttings dry for a few days to a week, then put into water and place in a bright spot and wait for the roots to grow. Like the Aroid plants, when roots are aprox 1 inch place into fresh potting mix.

Have fun doing your own propagating and don’t forget to use interesting and different vessels, they really will become living art pieces in your home. X

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