A stylish Australian homewares brand bringing the best quality and beauty to your place or space, Ourlieu uses 100% organic cotton and recycled paper and inserts made from recycled plastic bottles.  The Ourlieu approach to design means a focus on minimising the amount of materials needed, these are bought only from environmentally-friendly sources.  Founder Lauri Elks pursued a desire to be creative and enjoy purpose in her work life. The brand name encompasses Lauri’s direction – with ‘Lieu’ being french for ‘Place or Space’. Part of Lauri’s driving force is injecting colour into living rooms everywhere, helping people to love the spaces they live in.  Designs encompass a mismatch personality, using bold graphics and art statements. Ourlieu has produced stunning collaboration pieces with other designers including Kollab and Ahoy Traders.  Pineapple and jungle prints, stunning patterns and designs, you’ll want a piece of Ourlieu to create some gorgeous energy in your home.

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