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Recycled brass beads bracelet that comes in a gorgeous glass bottle.

Handmade in India
Material: Recycled Brass

Size: adjustable
length: 19 cm


For every product: treat it with love and you will enjoy it for longer.
Our products are made of various precious materials and for each product on our webshop you will find in the accompanying product description which material the product is made of.
Below we give a little more explanation of the materials and how you take care of them.
Brass / recycled brass
• Almost all our products are made from 100% brass.
• Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. This is a pure material that is very sturdy, but also flexible.
• It will always retain the color gold.
• Brass can sometimes become darker in color if you wear it for a longer period of time, but this material can easily be cleaned with Brasso-copper polish and a dry cloth. When using Brasso, be careful not to apply it while you are wearing other silver-plated or gold plated jewelry. Due to the chemical composition, the • • • layer of gold or silver will disappear immediately.
• It is also possible that your jewelry will shine extra, for example when you wash your hands or wash the dishes with soapy water. The material can, however, respond to your PH value, so that it can shine a little more per wearer or become duller. Tip: if you know that brass discolors because of your high PH value, you can give your jewelry a coating before you start wearing it; do this for example by painting them with clear nail polish.
Brass gold plated
• In addition to products that are completely brass, we also have jewelry with a gold plated layer over the brass.
• We advise you not to let the jewelry with a gold plated layer come into contact with water and preferably not to keep it in a damp place or in the sun. Also avoid perfume, lotions and oils in the vicinity of jewelry. In this way you will enjoy jewelry for longer.
• For these products it applies that they should not be cleaned with Brasso-copper polish, because this would damage the gold plated layer.
Surgical steel gold plated
• Surgical steel is a more expensive solid material type.
• The advantage of this material is that it discolours less quickly. The gold plated layer fades less quickly to not at all.
• Moreover, this material is also super hygienic.
Tip for the earrings: try inserting your earrings from the back to the front so that you can close them more easily when you look in the mirror.