Gentle Habits x Darling Shine Dive Mask + Snorkel Set


Go Beyond the Surface to create your own Daily Gentle Habit of calm and serenity with the collaborative Darling Shine x Gentle Habits Dive Mask and Snorkel Set.
This limited edition set features a circular mask, offering panoramic views and is crafted from soft silicone for a secure fit.
Showcasing a printed design of a delicate two tone checker box, this set the most stylish way to explore the ocean this summer.

Ages 9 years + and perfect for small faces.

For us, this collaboration signifies the pursuit of mindfulness, community and the power of self-care, whatever that looks like to you.” – Sophie, Chloe & Ellidy.


  • Before use, polish internal lens with anti-fog or saliva to help minimise fogging. Fogging will decrease with use.
  • Attach snorkel to your Barbados Dive Mask by threading the strap thru the clip (attached to snorkel) and position in place. Readjust, by sliding clip placement on snorkel to fit.
  • Place mask on, adjust mask by pulling on the straps on either side to form a snug fit.


  • Store out of direct sunlight in a cool dry place. If left in direct sunlight, for a prolonged period, discoloration / colour fading will occur.
  • Be mindful of what items mask is stored with
  • Store away from hard/sharp objects
  • Avoid contact with black/dark rubber items to reduce risk of colour transference
  • Keep dry after use


  • 100% rubber
  • Single-lens mask
  • Tempered glass


  • Mask: 14cm x 12cm
  • Snorkel: 37cm


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Additional information


  • Clean mask in warm fresh water for a few minutes after use to avoid corrosion
  • Mask can fog up with change of extreme temperature
  • Avoid using soap or detergents. Use soft glasses cloth to dry face lens
  • Avoid drying face lens with abrasive materials such as towels

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