Heart and Hands- Create It Yourself Macrame Kit- Goddess of Connection



This macrame kit includes all the materials you will need to create your own personal macrame hanging.  It is perfect for absolute beginners.

Create your very own unique macrame ‘Goddess of… CONNECTION’ talisman.  A talisman is an object charged with a specific intent or energy by the creator.

Heart and Hands have hand-picked, cleansed and blessed an AMETHYST crystal to charge and adorn your piece.  I suggest you hang your talisman somewhere that will allow it to catch your eye on a daily basis, so it can continually speak to you, and affirm…

I am Connected to all that empowers me.
I am Connected to the Source of all life, always.
I sit in silence daily to Connect with mySelf.
I stop, breathe & Connect.
I am Connected to & trust my intuition, my soul’s voice.
We are all Connected in Love.

Heart and Hands have gifted you these affirmations typed up and enclosed in your macrame kit.  However, whilst creating your piece, you may choose to infuse it with your own personal intention or affirmation.

If you are in doubt whether you are ‘creative enough’… I assure you, no artistic talent or creative skill is needed to follow my step-by-step instructions.  All that is needed is your presence, your hands, and a willingness to journey from your head-space into your heart-space and get creative!


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