Inartisan Kemi Brown Leather Bench


Made with Vintage Leather and Recycled Teak, this bench from Inartisan has a raw aesthetic that is naturally beautiful.

Each piece is handcrafted and embraces the natural grain & texture of the wood.
Made from Recycled Teak these pieces will have small patches, textures and imperfections that are all part of the process and add to their unique rustic character.

  • Dimensions: 100 x 35 x 43H cm
  • Handmade in Java, Indonesia

Please contact us for a shipping quote before purchasing Subject to availability from our suppliers if not picking up from our store


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Additional information

Furniture Care
To prolong the surface of the timber please do not leave spills to sit on surfaces. Avoid contact with heat, liquid, and take care when placing abrasive objects on the timber. Direct and reflective sunlight will affect all timber as it ages beautifully in its own special way.

Teak is a naturally oily and dense wood and our furniture is not sealed or stained. If you wish to keep the natural golden colour of our teak pieces we suggest using Semco Cleartone Teak Sealer which does not change the colour or texture of the wood but give an added layer of light protection that can be reapplied seasonally.

While teak is a fantastic timber for outdoors, mildew and dirt accumulation can occur, especially in particularly humid & wet conditions. Outdoor furniture should be cleaned as needed using a vinegar and water mix regularly, and if being left outdoors sealed with a teak sealer such as Semco Teak Sealer – Cleartone to protect against mildew & discolouration.

Please note due to its oily nature, the natural oils may transfer onto porous surfaces like carpet & light clothing and we highly suggest to not place our wooden furniture directly onto carpet or rugs. A protective foam or felt mat is suggested for underneath the piece if being placed on carpet or light flooring.  Similarly a protective lining inside drawers is recommended for storing delicate/light coloured fabrics.

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