Tan Brown Moroccan Leather Pouff


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Our best selling Tan Brown Moroccan Pouf is made entirely by hand by highly skilled leather artisans in Marrakech, Morocco.  This leather pouf has been treated with natural oils to enhance it’s natural beauty and characteristics. Our poufs are hand embroidered with silk thread which highlights the intricacy and detail of the moroccan design.

Moroccan Pouf Features:
– 100% leather
– Size: 50cm wide x 30cm tall
– Zip on the underside for filling
– Handmade in Morocco – No two poufs are exactly alike
– Great as a footrest, side table or just to decorate

Please note: Due to the handmade nature of our Tan Brown Moroccan Poufs each pouf is unique and can have subtle variations in colour.

Please note all pouffes come unstuffed. Please read below how to stuff

Moroccan Pouf Stuffing

Our unstuffed Moroccan poufs can be filled with a variety of different materials depending on what you have available and the kind of finish you wish to achieve.

For a soft and light beanbag-style pouf, we recommend using a filling of polystyrene balls (60L per pouf), foam chips, old plastic bags or scrunched up newspapers. If using polystyrene beads it is advisable to use a liner, for example an old pillow case, and fill in the bath or outside as the beads have a tendency to escape!

To achieve a firmer, heavier pouf try using cotton, felt, or wool fabrics. We’ve also found that old towels and sheets work well – and it’s eco friendly too!

How To Stuff Your Moroccan Pouf

1. Make sure the material you are using is clean and dry
2. The zipper is located on the bottom of the pouf. Unzip the pouf and open it out to its full shape
3. Start by gradually filling the sides at the top of your pouf to ensure that all the nooks and crannies are fully stuffed. This will prevent dimples and bumps in the finished pouf
4. Continue stuffing evenly – add a layer of stuffing and push it down firmly (again, ensuring that the sides and seams are fully filled out) before moving on to add another layer
5.Continue until the pouf is full

The pouf will bed down over time and more filling can then be added as required.


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