Style your home this winter – preparing your nest

After such a long, hot summer there’s nothing more we like than starting to prepare our nest for the winter ahead. As lovers of crisp white interiors and the warmth of wood under our feet, our home on many occasions becomes the location for our styling of new products. We don’t plan how we are going to style. But rather collect our products up from Island Collective and let the fun begin.

To elaborate, two brands that inspired our recent little home photo shoot were Inka Designs and Tribe Home.

Inka Designs are makers of the most beautiful Alpaca throws, with stunning colours and patterns to match.

Tribe home is well known for being designers of rugs and basket ware that are gorgeous in material as well as design. And recently they introduced a new range of basketware and homewares to their collection that got us very excited.

For us, bringing Inka Designs and Tribe Home together was a perfect match.  Both use weaving as their inspiration as well as the perfect blend of pattern, texture and design that make any house a home.

Some tips to style your home in winter:

  • Layers and texturing add a certain cosiness we all crave in the cooler months… extra soft blankets, warm throws and cushions invite you to curl up in your living area or bedroom
  • Raw, natural timbers and materials invite a sense of comfort and are a timeless investment in style
  • Indoor plants help to brighten your home when the days are shorter. Hanging vases offer flexibility in using plants and greenery for styling different areas of your home

Have some fun styling your favourite place or space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours, textures and styles with your accessories to add interest and individuality.

We hope you enjoy weaving winter into your own home…


























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