Talent Series || Catching Up with Emilia Lorena

July 1, 2017


Firstly, how did you start Macramé?
I have always been a bit of a nanna, I started knitting at a young age, and as time went on that progressed into different fibres such as ropes, then I eventually ditched the knitting needles and started using my hands!

As we all know, macramé has had a major comeback over the last few years, some say it’s now being over done, how do you separate yourself from other macramé artists? And where do you see Emilia Lorena heading in the future?
There has been an uproar in macrame craft in the last couple of years, the fundamental knots are so gorgeous and not that difficult once you know what you are doing, so a lot of artists gather their inspiration from other artists work. I try and find inspiration through scenery, shapes, day to day life. I find this method sets my work apart from a lot of current macrame art.
My passion for events is where I see the future of Emilia Lorena, I love teaching the craft of Macrame and really enjoy hosting workshops. I see many more hens parties/macrame workshops in the future. I also love working with brides and creating their perfect ceremony setting. As this is the most important day of their lives, I don’t take lightly when a bride tells me she envisions my art featured in her ceremony and hope to be apart of many more memorable days.

After your recent trip overseas, did seeing more of the world change or contribute to your current direction?
Absolutely, there is nothing like spending 10 days at  Burning Man to get your creative juices flowing. This festival is like nothing you have have ever seen before. Every single person, tent, theme, expressing their passion in their arts so proudly and powerfully. I came home and was determined to be the best artist I could be by not being held back by what people are and aren’t doing, and just go for it!

Are you working on any major projects currently?
To be the best artist you can, you need to surround yourself in an environment and by people that inspire you. I recently moved to Burleigh Heads in the Gold Coast to open a Creative Warehouse (Mo’s Desert Clubhouse) with some very cool artists I met at Burning Man, we wanted a space for all artists of any genre to come, hang, create. We are in the early stages of wall knock-downs and fit outs, but we are open! We have already met some inspiring musicians, artists, cafe owners who want to be apart of our space. I can’t wait to host my first workshop here in July.

Of your completed works, do you have a favourite piece?
A recent work I made for Spell Designs, Byron Bay is certainly a favourite. I have seen this piece hanging in so many different homes now, and it makes me happy to see that although all of my clients homes and styles are so unique, my work has fit into each of their homes, perfectly complimenting their taste.

Who inspires you?
Fleur Yorston, Artist and owner of Island Collective – www.islandcollective.com.au
This powerhouse woman is not only an incredible artist, but also a striving business woman. She worked hard and created a life she loved surrounded by artists she loves, and is able to do what she loves every single day. This pushes me to work harder and never settle for anything less. She is also the most patient teacher, passionate mentor and best friend.
Macrame mentor – Denisse M Vera
She has created a fashion label, specialising in wedding dresses. ALL HANDMADE! Her seamstress skills and eye for fashion are incredible, and I am in awe.

We know you live a very busy lifestyle, what do you do to help relax?
Is it strange to say I macrame to relax? Trying to build a craft business that you rely on solely creates a lot of stress and lack of sleep. Macrame started for me as a therapy when I was working full time in Advertising, and it still is that for me today.

Snaps from our last magical evening workshop with Emilia Lorena

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