Heart and Hands- Create A Ritual- Kit- Creativity


A ritual is like a portal into sacred space where we call in, access and honour our deeper-higher-Self, our Soul, the Divine, Source, God, or whatever ‘higher force’ you wish to invoke.  Traditional cultures have always been, and still are, innately connected to rituals as a part of their daily lives.  We can bring aspects of traditional rituals into our own lives to infuse our everyday existence with sacredness.

I am always smoking up my creative space with pure resins and incense.  This aromatic ritual instantly takes me into sacred space.

Imagine this blend blessing your nostrils:  Frankincense, Benzoin, Breuzhinho, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Tonka Beans, Camphor and Cloves.  So sublime!

This ‘Create a Ritual’ kit includes all the sacred tools you will need to create an aromatic ritual to invoke creative space and inspire creativity.



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