Kollab ♥ Sage x Clare Stash Bag Floria


Taking Maximalism to a whole new level, Sage x Clare ♥ Kollab collaboration is all about colour clashes and playful geometry creating an artful print remix for the perfect party, beach or backyard set up. Display it. Pack it. Or travel with it. Toiletry Stash is your go-to for a stylish, versatile & easily transportable storage solution. Decorate your bathroom shelf with it today, and store LEGO in it tomorrow!

  • Constructed in water-resistant material so it’s easy to wipe down and clean.
  • Features two compartments and three zip pockets to easily separate and organise contents.
  • L 27cm x H 11cm x D 18cm.

Floria, “oversized flowers and verdant green leaves create a lush garden feeling that’s iconically Sage x Clare and bursting with life.” – Style Notes 


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