Wandering Folk Picnic Rug Lola Honey


Introducing the Wandering Folk Lola Picnic rug. Golden rays of sunlight, caramel tanned skin, and the rich glimmer of sunset on water.  Hand illustrated print on the front side, this rug has been designed to entice the wanderer in you craving the taste of a honeyed Euro summer.

Made from 100% cotton canvas with signature waterproof base and handmade tassels, Wandering Folk have magnified the delicate intricacies of this hand-drawn design to create an impression of magnificence and opulence. The plum colour palette revolves around the rich plum fruit – an exquisite blend of deep, warm purple with subtle hints of red.

All of the Wandering Folk range shows high standards of craftsmanship and quality materials so they can be cherished for a lifetime.

  • Dimensions: 164cm x 147cm
  • Weight: 1.9kg
  • Hand illustrated print on front side
  • Fabrication TOP/FRONT: 100% Recycled PET canvas. BACK: Poly/cotton canvas with a waterproof treatment.
  • Signature brown base is water resistant
  • Hand made tassels on corners
  • Embroidered cotton label
  • Brown ornate woven carry strap
  • Stitch lines on back for easy rolling


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Additional information


Care Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a Wandering Folk Picnic Rug , Cushion or Cooler.
Our beautiful picnic rugs and cushions are made of 100% cotton canvas and will live and wear with you over time.

Our picnic rugs have a UPF30+ coating applied to make the print last longer in the sun. Prior to 2018, the rugs without this new coating may naturally fade over time with lots of use in the sunlight.

To keep your rug looking its best, try to avoid spilling acidic or harmful chemicals on the surface. Lemon juice, alcohol, salt water or anything similar should be washed off immediately by spot cleaning with cold soapy water.

As a last resort for removing stains, you can *gentle machine wash your rug alone in cold water, but we recommend putting rubber bands around the tassel ends to prevent them from unraveling and fluffing up.

Prior to storing, always ensure your rug is fully dried out to prevent mould.

* Warning: Machine wash our darker colour rugs only ( Emerald / Wildflower / Spice ) as the dye on the leather tag will run. If you really need to machine wash our lighter coloured rugs ( Pastel / Crystal / Romance / Atlantis / Aztec Ink ) then we recommend removing the leather logo label with a seam ripper, which is easily done with a seam ripper and doesn’t damage the rug or cushion.