I Held Your Hand for as Long as I Could..

April 24, 2023

To all our wonderful Island lovers and supporters

We have some sad but happy news for you.

After many months of internal emotions we have decided to close our little shack on Coldstream Street, in Yamba’s CBD on 20th May and return to our original space in Yamba’s Industrial Estate.

It definitely hasn’t been an easy decision to make, but after a recent trip home to NZ, to visit my 84 year old Mum, I realised I need to be more flexible in business and life so I can regularly go home to help her without the worry of a second space.

So what does the Island look like in the future…In two words Big and Bright.

Our new Island retail space will be more of total shopping experience, that will feel more like a home than a shop. (you may never want to leave)

We will still continue to represent our wonderful brands but it will be more refined and curated throughout the collections. This will allow us to combine the other side of our business that we love in Interior Design and Styling with our lifestyle products.

As they say, as one door closes another door opens (in our case its an old familiar door that is re-opening)

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