2024 Interior Design Trends

March 8, 2024

1. Natural Elements


Elements from nature such as wood, stone, plants, and natural fibers are expected to be a big addition in interior design for 2024. These elements create a sense of harmony and warmth within indoor spaces.

2. Organic Shapes


Curves are here to stay! The addition of irregular, flowing, and asymmetrical forms that we saw in 2023 will stick around. Emphasis on soft curves, fluid lines, and non-traditional geometric shapes will add visual interest and a sense of movement to a space.

3. Bold Colours


We expect to see a shift from minimalistic white and beige interiors to vibrant, eye-catching hues like deep blues, rich greens, bright yellows, and striking reds to add energy, personality, and drama to a room..

4. Vintage Decor


Incorporating elements from past eras into modern interiors to create a nostalgic and eclectic aesthetic. Expect to see a celebration of antique furniture, retro accessories, and timeless design pieces.

5. Textures


Mixing and layering textures such as smooth, rough, soft, hard, shiny, and matte finishes to create a dynamic and inviting environment adding richness and complexity to the design scheme.


6. Pantone 2024 Colour of The Year


With the movement to incorporating more colour into interior spaces, we expect to see an assortment of interior homewares and decor using this years Pantone Colour of the Year, Peach Fuzz.

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